The Heritage Hall is Officially Closed
A Big Warm Thanks To Every One   604-726-0153

Over the past two years we hosted: 147 dance events serving 10,200 guests hot dinners. We opened the Heritage Hall with the best sprung dance floor ever seen in this town, and a surround sound system that no one has ever experienced before and my Dj music was heading to the top.
It was an honor, a pleasure, a sweet pleasure, serving you my best possible effort. We finally cracked the secret of attracting new people into the dance world and had just started up a full 5 day program. There was a lot of heavy work and stress organizing the Heritage Hall and my doctors advised me to stop.
So - I am going to become a snowbird, attend 4 dance conferences a year, compete a little bit and travel to hot spots in the winter where there is dance stuff. Looks a lot like retirement and more dancing for me. My health is ok but organizing dances is no longer healthy for me. Thanks everyone - see you on the dance floor - save a dance for me.
A huge thank you to my amazing volunteers who are now my best friends: Wayne, Kreig, Karen, Tomoko, Dr. David, Rick, William, Isable, Wayne, Frederica, Tala, Christine, Annie.
Byron - All joy is in service